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Mr Frank and Mrs Grace Tebbutt were the residential stewards during the 1920s/1930s. Grace was born 1893. Her maiden name was Mellor. She married Frank Tebbutt in Sheffield in 1913. They had one daughter, Irene, born 1914. Grace was politically active in the labour party from an early age (see newspaper article in 'early members' section) eventually becoming the first woman alderman of Sheffield. Both Frank and Grace helped in the building of the club house and for many years helped to run the Clarion tea rooms. They can be found in the photo of early members and there is also a photo of them outside the clarion tea rooms along with their daughter - see below.

Members outside the tea rooms: (from left) Samuel Walker; Grace Tebbutt; Annie Walker; Irene Tebbutt; Frank Tebbutt.


Mr and Mrs Coldwell were the stewards during the 1940s. We have no information about them, but we do remember that Mr Coldwell was a very good pianist. We believe that they retired to Lincolnshire.


Mr and Mrs Mears became the stewards in 1955 to 1957. Their son, Brian, who was around 7 years old during this period, sent us his recollections of his years living at the club house:

We had a barrow affair which held two large bins with lids and my father (and me occasionally) would go up the road to a stone trough (this was fed by a spring) and fill the bins up. When they were full the lot was quite heavy, but it was downhill all the way home fortunately.

In the winter it was usual to find the trough frozen up and in the summer the trough was often contaminated with an oily film caused by lorry drivers using old oil cans to fill there overheating radiators.

Heating, what there was, was by coal and wood fires --- I can remember the cast iron, pot-bellied stove in the games room.

Lighting was by paraffin "Tilly"-type lamps.

Sewerage was by the bucket method, emptied into holes dug in the woods behind the building. Oh for the good old days, eh?

Almost every day (I think!) we had a visit from the local AA man, a Mister Hunt, who patrolled the road from Sheffield to Hathersage on his motor bike and side car. He called to see if we were alright and had a cup of tea for his troubles. He helped my dad fix up and old 3-wheeled bike we had acquired from somewhere.

Food shopping was done in Sheffield, my mother catching the bus (single deck) from Hathersage, Northern Counties Road Car Company often, about once a week.

I can remember 'helping' a group of men to cut the grass on the cricket pitch at the start of a new season. We used to sit on the wooden decking at the back of the building in the summer until someone came one day and told us it was not safe and we had beter not use it. I think the wood was getting rotten.

My greatest memory was when I had an accident and finished up in the children's hosptial. It was one hot summer (they all were then) and the Clarion was busy every weekend. They had run out of soft drinks and there was a delivery late in the day during the week. I can remember helping my dad move the crates of pop from the front door to the store room. I think this room was where the stage was and you had to go down a long corridor to ge there. A combination of heat and the shaking from the barrow caused some of the bottles to explode, cutting both my legs just above my ankles. I still have the scars! My dad ran down to the Door Moor Inn to phone for an ambulance. He was not a well man and this did him no good at all. He was picked up on the way back by the police who attended with the ambulance. We then learned that in future, if we had an emergency, we could use the police box (Dr. Who type) on the bend just above the Clarion. It was not long after this that we left the Clarion, my father's health worsening, and we moved near to Hunter's Bar area.


Thank you, Brian Mears, for sending us these informative and entertaining memories.

If anyone else has memories that we could include on the web site, we would be extremely grateful to receive them. Please EMail us at sheffclarion@sky.com