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Ladies from Wincobank fellowship 1920s

Front row, left to right: Mrs Wilson, Amy Fieldhouse, others unknown.

The small wooden hut shown in the background was situated at the side of Hathersage Road. Here it was used as a roadside shop selling soft drinks, sweets and chocolate. Pre 1920 (when the club house was built) it was situated on the clarion camping land at the side of the Royal Oak Pub, Barlow, Cordwell Valley.



Old timers from various clarion groups meet on club house land 1944

Left to right: first 2 unknown, Jack Rudge, unknown, Albert Ransom, unknown.


Ladies from Wincobank Fellowship on club house veranda c1950

Left to right: Mrs A Clayton, Mrs Wilson, unknown, Amy Fieldhouse, Ethel Burton.


An early Clarion outing to Peacock Hotel, Owler Bar


Samuel and Annie Walker outside Clarion tea rooms 1920s


Frank and Grace Tebbutt with Samuel and Annie Walker outside Clarion tea rooms


Arthur Wood outside entrance to Stewards' accommodation

Arthur Wood was a kind and very lovable fellow who took it upon himself to come early on Saturday mornings to light all the fires. He kept them going throughout the weekends. He also fetched most of the drinking water from the spring. Arthur was there to help with the building of the club house and he was there at the end. He was the brother of Annie Walker.