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Left to right: unknown, Eileen Rudge; Gay Walker; Unknown; Sheila Rudge c1938

1939 on club house verandah

Back row, left to right: Margaret Rudge; Sheila Rudge; Eileen Rudge

Front row, left to right: Gay Walker; John William Fieldhouse; Beryl Dealy

Club house verandah 1939

Left to right: Margaret Rudge; Gay Walker; Eileen Rudge; Sheila Rudge; Beryl Dealy

c1940 rear of club house

There was a room underneath the club house which was used by cyclists. Children are sitting on the putting green.

Left to right: Unknown; Unknown; Unknown; Gay Walker; Beryl Dealy

On Clarion land in the snows of 1947

Left to right: Gay Walker; Eileen Rudge; Marilyn Walker (baby); Sheila Rudge; Pat Southall; Beryl Dealy; Joan Stringer

Front: Ann Wardley; John Dealy (toddler)

Clarion land, by river, c1949

Left to right: Joan Stringer; Sheila Rudge; Marilyn Walker; Gay Walker; Eileen Rudge

On putting green c1951

Left to right: Beryl Dealy; Joan Stringer; Gay Walker; Pat Southall