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On Clarion cricket field

At rear, left to right: Ron Butler, Sam Walker;

Middle, left to right: Cliff Butler, unknown, Arthur Wood;

Front, left to right: first two unknown, Rose Butler.


Group rear of tea room

At rear: Sam Walker; Middle row, left to right: Charlie Ibbotson, Stan Seggo, Jack Nicholson; Front: Dorothy ?


Stan Seggo and Sam Walker on putting green at rear of club house


On verandah at rear of club house 1938

Back row, left to right: Vic Jenning, Ron Mitchell, Annie Walker, Sheila Rudge, Samuel Walker;

Front row, left to right: Gay Walker, Jean Hammon, Butch, Gwenny Wilson, Ron Butler, Dorothy ?, Sam Walker, ? Brookfield, Nellie Fairchild.


Clarion ladies on verandah. Dore Village in background. 1948.

Back row, left to right: May Walker, Joan Stringer, Eva Stringer, Ethel Burton;

Front row, left to right: unknown, Mrs Ardron, Mary Brookes.


On verandah 1949

Left to right: Eileen Rudge, Gay Walker, Sheila Rudge, Patricia Holleley, Joan Stringer, Ethel Holleley (nee Walker), Albert Brookes, Madge Walker, May Walker, Mary Brookes, Lily Rudge.


Clarion land, down by the river 1948

Far back row, left to right: first three unknown; centre two unknown; Betty Judge, Arthur Wood

Front: Gay Walker and Marilyn Walker

Middle, left to right: May Walker, Beryl Deely, Joan Stringer, Eva Stringer, Lily Rudge, Mary Brookes, Mrs Ardron.


Lady members 1950s place unknown.

Left to right: Ivy Dealy, Ethel Burton, May Walker, unknown, Lily Rudge, Eva Stringer.