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This photo shows members outside the entrance at the end of the concert room

(see map of land and club house).

A visiting Clarion Van is in the background at the left-hand side is parked on the putting green.

Perhaps the 2 ladies in the photo came with the van.



On the 29th February 1896, Julia Dawson wrote in the Clarion Newspaper of her plan for a Clarion Van Tour beginning in June and lasting for 13 weeks. This would enable them to visit many more small villages and towns distributing socialist leaflets. They were also supported by the local Clarion Cyclists wherever they stopped. She appealed for women volunteers to: speak at meetings, loan a house, aand for money to buy food, fuel and equipment.

Two or three women at a time would tour with the van. They would be accompanied by a boy, usually someone's younger relative, who would look after the horse and make fires, etc.

The van used on the tour had been used in the summer months of 1985 by the Clarion Camp at Tabley Brook near Knutsford, and in the winter to distribute soup to the poor and unemployed in Liverpool.


The Clarion 'Caroline Martyn' Van in Attercliffe, Sheffield in the early 1900s.
The 'Vanner', Caroline Martyn, is on the steps.

F. J. Brookes (whose signature is on the reverse of this photo) gave a report to the Wincobank Fellowship meeting, (18/07/1914), about this van's visit to Attercliffe.

John Maclean with Clarion van no. 1


Note from John Maclean, written in Arnold Walker's autograph book:

"We shall this year kill capitalism"!

Maclean was born in Glasgow in 1879. He rose from humble beginnings to become a world figure in politics. He was imprisoned five times for political crimes.



Heeley Clarion fellowship members on Club House Land


On Clarion land, Hathersage Road with roadside shop in background
Back row, left to right: 3 unknown, Annie Walker
Middle row, left to right: Frank Howe, unknown, Stan Seggo
Front row, left to right: Ethel Walker, May Fieldhouse, 3 unknown





The tea room was always run by volunteers from the Club House members. It opened on Sundays. In the 1920s, it was run by Mr and Mrs Frank and Grace Tebbutt, their daughter, Irene, and Mr and Mrs Samuel and Annie Walker (shown in the photo below). In the 1930s, 40s and 50s, the younger club house lady members had a rota - each taking their turn.

During world war II, when food was rationed, people brought their own food to eat in the tea room. Hot water for tea was supplied at a small charge.

Outside the Clarion tea rooms
from left to right: Samuel Walker, Grace Tebbutt, Annie Walker, Irene Tebbutt, Frank Tebbutt


Outside Clarion Club House tea rooms
centre Samuel Walker


Extract from Independent Newspaper