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The Clarion movement, despite its socialist ideals, was never aligned to any political party.

The Clarion newspaper - from which the National Clarion Movement, and its many branches grew - was founded in Manchester in 1891.
The following is from an e-mail sent to me in 2004 from Alison Harrop granddaughter of Alexander Mattock Thompson, who was a lifelong friend  and colleague of Robert Blatchford.
“ Robert Blatchford (pen name 'Nunquam') together with his brother Mont Blatchford, Alexander Mattock Thompson, (pen name ’Dangle’) and Edward Francis Fay ( pen name ‘The Bounder’) - see picture below - founded The Clarion newspaper in 1891. The start up finance was put up by Robert Blatchford and Alexander M Thompson who sold their insurance policies to raise the money. As well as being a weekly newspaper, the Clarion movement expanded into many other collective and social enterprises . It was one facet of the early Labour movement but was eclipsed in the early 20th century by the parliamentary party led by Kier Hardie.
The Clarion philosophy was that, to get to socialism, you must make socialists - ie people who are collectively socially responsible and will work together for the common good; the parliamentary philosophy was that you obtain power and then change things that way. (See socialist commandments below). ”

Signed photo of Robert Blatchford, reads "Yours Sincerely, Robert Blatchford, (Nunquam)"

Robert Blatchford's Earlier Life:

Robert Blatchford was born in Maidstone 17th March 1851. His father was an actor who died age 52.

When Robert was 14 he became an apprentice to a brushmaker, which he didn't like, so joined the army and reached the rank of Sergent Major. He left the service in 1878. Robert then became a freelance journalist which led him to becoming leader writer for the Sunday Chronicle in Manchester.

In 1890 Robert founded the Manchester Fabian Society. The following year he launched The Clarion newspaper.

Robert died on 17th December 1943.